Team Training Programs

Every team, of every level, deserves a progressive year-round strength and conditioning program.

Every high school team should have a progressive, comprehensive, and year-round strength and conditioning program. There should be different programs for the off-season and in-season, multi-sport athletes, and incoming/developmental athletes. I provide individual teams and athletic departments with structured strength and conditioning programs and I work closely with the coaches to insure it is implemented properly. Every team I work with receives a three-tier programming package every month. The three tiers are – Advanced Strength and Conditioning, Multi-Sport Programming, and Developmental Programming. It is absolutely critical to have different training programs based on the demands of every athlete in your program.

  • Designed to your teams exact needs and goals

  • Programs for your incoming athletes, multi-sport athletes, and advanced athletes

  • There will never be a point in the year where your team is not getting stronger.

  • Linear, lateral, and change of direction training. Position specific speed and conditioning protocols.


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