Why Our Method Works

Strong, fast, and explosive athletes are built through the development of absolute strength. We believe in building strength in our athletes through the aggressive implementation of proven strength training methods. In addition, our athletes will be progressed through the program in a safe and effective manor.

Strength Development

Strength is the foundation of all athletic movement. We believe in training aggressively to increase absolute strength and develop strong, fast, and explosive athletes.

Experienced Coaching

Our programs are written by a coach with over 10 years of high level strength and conditioning experience. His programs have been tested on the training floors of the Big10, Pac12 and some of the best private facilities in the country.

Meet Coach Van

A 10 year veteran of the strength game Coach Van has coached at the highest levels and his programs have proven effective for developing athletes. Coach Van has coached in the Big10 and Pac12, trained Super Bowl champions, directed the NFL combine training program for multiple athletes, coached numerous All-Americans, and have over 100 High School athletes receive Division 1 scholarships.

Injury Prevention

Every program, for every athlete, is built around preventing injuries and providing athletes with the strength needed to withstand contact. From neck strength to ankle/knee/hip stability we focus on building very resilient athletes.


Football Specific Strength and Conditioning Articles from Coach Van

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