10 Tips for the Recruiting Process

10 Must Ask Questions During The Recruiting Process:

When it comes to the recruiting process it is important to remember you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you.  There are many options when it comes to picking a school.  Make sure to ask these questions to every coach you speak with.

1: What is the school’s graduation rate for athletes?

-Academics must come before athletics.  Make sure that the school has a high graduation rate.  If it is low – look elsewhere.

2: What academic assistance is available?

-Every school offers tutors and academic support staff.  Some are better than others.  Being a student athlete is a tough gig.  Be sure the support you need is in place.

3: Do they intend to redshirt you or are you expected to play right away?

-I always recommend athletes redshirting.  This gives them an opportunity to adjust to the academic workload, develop physically, and learn the teams systems before they are asked to play.  Redshirting may not be an option, and that’s fine, but it is always good to know their expectations.

4: How does the program support injured athletes?

-At some point you are going to get injured.  Make sure their sports medicine and strength and conditioning coaches work hand in hand to get you back on the field 100% healthy and ready to go.  As with most things, some schools do a better job than others.  If they can answer this question in detail you should be in good hands.  Make sure to meet with the sports medicine staff during a campus visit.

5: What is the coaching staffs approach to coaching?

-Be sure to ask the coaches this question.  Then follow up by asking members of the team about the coach’s approach.  Make sure the answers line up.  Every coach will tell you what you want to hear – it’s the athletes who will tell you the truth.

6: How tenured are the coaches and what is their potential to stay at the school?

-How long have they been at the school and do they intend to see you through your 4-5 years at the program.  It is a sad fact that most athletes do not graduate with the coach who recruited them.  In most cases an athlete will make their decision based on their relationship with the coach.  Again, coaches will tell you what you want to hear but make sure to address this question.

7: What are the off season expectations of the athletes?

-Are they expected to be on campus during the summer? Can athletes work part time jobs?  What time are off-season workouts and how many are there per week?

8: What is the strength and conditioning coaches approach to developing athletes?

-This is a big one! Does the strength coach have a different program for incoming athletes to develop them or are they on the same program as everyone else?  Freshmen are not at the same physical level as upper classmen.  A quality staff will have a separate ‘developmental’ program.

9: Does the athletic staff have a nutritionist on staff?

-Nutrition is the secret to success.  Make sure your athlete will have access to a nutritionist who will help them make the right nutritional choices.

10: What is the programs track record of developing athletes like you?

-Have they worked with an athlete like you before?  What do they see are your areas that need developing and how would the approach your situation?



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