How to Evaluate Your Strength Program

For high school athletes the biggest misrepresentation of an effective strength and conditioning program is max strength testing.  Building absolute strength is vital to athletic success, however, if you goal is to build healthy and productive athletes it may be beneficial to look at other categories when evaluating your strength program. […]

Strength Training: Year 1

The number one cause of injury with youth and high school athletes is completely preventable.

I know that is a bold statement but I believe it whole heartily to be true.

Young athletes are always taught to be faster and stronger but never taught to stabilize, control their body, and decelerate properly.  Coaches don’t take the time to truly develop athletes in a manner which will set them up for long term success.  […]

Are You Setting The Example?

Over the past few weeks I have spoken with dozens of High School coaches.  In my opinion, the best people on earth are coaches.

These guys give up time with their families to coach and mentor young men.  However, everyone needs accountability and as I said to the coach this video is about…

“I care enough to be completely honest with you” […]

4 Year Model for Progressing High School Athletes

I am a firm believer that a high school athlete should be provided with a top notch training program within their high school which provides them with the best chance to be successful within their chosen sport.  For every sport, there should be a comprehensive training model in place which allows young athletes to progress properly in the weight room.  Failing to implement a sound strength and conditioning program, in my opinion, is a leading cause of many injuries at the high school level.  And, to be completely honest, the school should be held liable for these injuries for their failure to provide a proper strength and conditioning program. […]

Joe DeFranco’s Limber 11

For the past 10+ years I have followed Joe DeFranco’s work and found it to be some of the best content out there.  When I started in this industry, he was one guy I really looked up too. For todays recovery I would like to share his flexibility and recovery routine called the “Limber 11”. Just Read more about Joe DeFranco’s Limber 11[…]