You Can’t Shoot a Cannon from A Row Boat

Why the Posterior is Superior and how to build an explosive athlete by focusing on the “Go before the Show”

One thing every coach can agree on, and that is very rare in the field of sports performance, is that contact based sports are largely an expression of Anterior Power.

From a wide receiver exploding off the line of scrimmage to a Left Tackle engaging a Defensive Lineman the level anterior power an athlete possesses is an extreme difference maker.  […]

“Multi-Sport Big 6” – How to program for your in-season athletes

Winter sports are starting to wrap up and a large majority of your student athletes are ramping up to begin their spring sport seasons.

Between track and field, lacrosse, and baseball a hefty percentage of your football team will be largely unavailable for the next three months.  This increase in the volume of your athletes that are participating in spring sports makes it a tricky time to program their strength training.  That said, it is vital for you to ensure that they continue to build their absolute strength and explosive power.  Failure to do so will make any work you did over the winter useless and a blatant waste of time.  […]