Program Goals: The One’s That Truly Matter

Regardless of the athlete or the level they compete at I have the same goals for every member of my program.  I think it is important to have steadfast objectives for what you want to accomplish.

Of course, every person will have specific performance goals that we will work towards.  However, I believe that the culture of training programs is vital success of individual athletes and culture is dictated by working towards a common objective.

Here are the goals that I layout for every member of our training groups…

1: Demand Excellence in Everything We Do.

  • We will reject mediocracy and complacency and hold each other accountable for our work effort, mindset, and intensity.

2: Teach Our Athletes How to Win.

  • Everything in live is earned and success is reserved for those who fight for it. Athletes need to be exposed to competition year-round and taught that giving up or settling for second place is not an option. We strive to create a program that crosses over to all phases of life, not just athletics.

3: Train with Tempo and Intensity.

  • We will train fast and hard. Rest breaks will be used to focus on ‘low-amplitude, non-taxing’ movements that allow us to maximize our training time.

4: Do the Small Things Savagely Well.

  • How you do one thing is how you do everything. From how we warm-up to how we cool down we will approach training with an extreme focus on the small details that lead to large-scale success.

5: Create Confidence.

  • In training, we will expose our athletes to adversity so that overcoming it becomes second nature. We will teach our athletes how to set a goal and work to accomplish it. Our athletes will develop the mindset that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

6: Develop Leaders

  • Leadership traits are cultivated in moments of extreme pressure and competition. We will train as a team and give each person the opportunity to develop as a leader through both words and actions.

7: Expose Talent to Trauma

  • In order for an athlete to reach their full potential they must be exposed to strenuous training. We will train in a way that allows them to embrace physicality and the demands of their sport.  Our athletes will build resiliency and toughness through training in a competitive and intense environment.

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