[Training Cycle Notes] Winter 2020, Phase 2. Feb. 10-March 6th

This week we are kicking off a new training phase for our Force, Flight, and RISE training programs. As we do with each new training phase, we access what went well in the last cycle and what needs to be done better in this next phase. This feedback allows us to build a program that gets better every 4 weeks. 

Our goal to provide you with a strength training program that builds a complete athlete in the most effective way possible. So, if we are not getting better with each and every training phase then we will not accomplish our mission. 

[ NOTE: If you are unfamiliar with these specific programs you can find more info on the how and why behind them here ]

This is our second phase of 2020, and just like in our last phase we will continue to focus on lifts that will build towards our end goal of being able to…

  • Front squat with perfect technique
  • Pull from the floor properly when performing a deadlift or a clean
  • Express anterior power in the upper body because we have a huge amount of posterior stability
  • Perform a power clean with great hip extension and textbook technique

In my opinion, if we can check all four boxes listed above then should be on the right track when it comes to building a strong, fast, and durable athlete. 

For this new phase, the four focus lifts we will be completing are the Front Squat, Power Position Hang Clean, Push Press, and the Trap Bar Jump. 

In addition to the four focus lifts, we will be continuing to work on building our upper backs with the Silverback Row, the Rope Sled Drag, and Chin Up. As always, unilateral strength and stability will be addressed for the lower body with the Block Single Leg RDL, Front Foot Elevated Split Stance Squat, Band Stomps, and Cross-Over Step-Ups. 

One of the major focuses we have during this cycle is building wrist mobility for the Front Rack Position. This will allow us to be more successful with the Front Squat and the catch in the Olympic lifts. For this, there are some daily movements we will be doing at the onset of each training session. 

Another major area we are honing in on is the lateral aspect of the abdominals, the obliques. This area allows us to be more stable in the core and have more trunk strength. For young athletes (well, really all athletes) the ability to be stable in the trunk is a game-changer when it comes to proper movement, force production, and being able to stave off a defender on the field or court. We will address this with Side Planks and Banded Chops. 

As we get into this cycle, I really want all the athletes to focus on ‘quality reps’ and understanding the need to slow down and complete the movement correctly and with a high level of form. This begins with the setup before the first rep. If you own the setup you will own the lift. One of our core values is ‘Thrive/Survive’ and that is exactly what we are talking about. We want our athletes to have full mastery of the movement, not just getting through the set as fast as possible. These next four weeks will have a great impact on their long term strength development and we need them to be locked in on the objective and have total ownership of each and every lift. 

Personally, I think this will be a fun, challenging and effective training cycle. We are fired up and ready. I hope you are as well. 

As always, my line is open if you have any questions or would like clarity on any of the movements, thought processes, or objectives we have for any of this program.

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