Movement Basics: ‘Three Planes of Movement’

Years ago, during a summer strength and conditioning workout at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, I remember our graduate strength and conditioning coach, a soft spoken 6’3” former Iowa football player,  introduced an exercise to our wrestling team. He called it a “landmine rotational lunge.” Similar to you, I thought “What. in. the. hell?”  then Read more about Movement Basics: ‘Three Planes of Movement’[…]

Movement Basics: Achieving Range of Motion

Thus far in the Movement Basics Blog we have talked a bit about breathing, body organization, position, and the effectiveness of mastering these principles. These foundational components of movement are at the base of strength and conditioning and training. These topics are rarely the theme of a training session but they are always present.  Today Read more about Movement Basics: Achieving Range of Motion[…]

Rebuilding Our Athletes

The coaching community is truly shining right now. I believe that coaches are some of the most important pieces in athletes lives at all times, however, there has never been a time where athletes need coaching more than right now. Their lives came to an abrupt stop and they need leadership now more than ever.  Read more about Rebuilding Our Athletes[…]

Movement Basics: Positioning

This edition of the Movement Basics Blog is extra special! We have a video to accompany the written article! (Click here to view the video!) Besides being super pumped to see my beautiful face on camera, you can look forward to a visual representation of the concepts from last week’s blog and this one. Speaking of, this Read more about Movement Basics: Positioning[…]

Movement Basics: Body Organization and Posture

Posture is a pandora’s box. We all know that we should have “better” posture, but what does that actually mean? How does that happen? Will I feel better if I sit up tall, stop slouching, and generally start doing everything perfectly all the time?   That type of drastic change in behavior is unrealistic. Changing one’s Read more about Movement Basics: Body Organization and Posture[…]

Mastering Movement Basics: Breathing

How often do you think about breathing? Sometimes? Not really? Are you thinking about it now? What about now?  Our Breathing is usually on autopilot, which is a great function of our body to keep us alive, but there are many opportunities to benefit from consciously controlling our breath. Breathing has a significant impact on Read more about Mastering Movement Basics: Breathing[…]

Movement Basics, and Mastery.

“Back to the basics.” This mantra has guided my training and my training of others for a long period of time. Also, this was a huge point of Outlaw’s philosophy that Rob and I agreed on. Movement comes first, and strength is built on a good foundation. Right now, in a world with limited exposure, Read more about Movement Basics, and Mastery.[…]

Are You Willing To Fight For What You Said You Wanted?

We are in trying times… People are scared, kids are confused, and for 100% of us, our plans have come to an abrupt halt.  This is adversity in its purest form and the question that I have asked all my athletes is this:  Now that everything has been stopped are you still willing to fight Read more about Are You Willing To Fight For What You Said You Wanted?[…]

Training Cycle Notes: Prepping to Max Test

One thing that I believe is greatly overlooked in most programs is asking the question “are we actually ready to max test?” This is a real thing. Putting a maximal load on the bar is the most dangerous thing we can do in the weight room. As coaches, we better make certain that our athletes Read more about Training Cycle Notes: Prepping to Max Test[…]

Everyday Drills [EDD’s]

When it comes to training, I think it is absolutely imperative for athletes to have things they complete every day. Especially if your goal is speed development!  We call these drills EDD’s or Every Day Drills.  In our programs, we do some form of an A-March, A-Skip, and A-Run series every single day. If the training focus Read more about Everyday Drills [EDD’s][…]