Behind the Block – Lateral Lunge w/ Push

The ability to absorb force is critical to the long term health of an athlete. Remember, the #1 goal of any quality strength training program is to allow an athlete be play at a high level and on a consistent basis. When we say ‘consistent basis’ what we mean is that they are able to Read more about Behind the Block – Lateral Lunge w/ Push[…]

5 Movements for Hip Mobility

“It’s All in The Hips, Happy. It’s all in the hips.” – Chubbs Peterson There is not an athlete on this planet that does not need to be relentlessly working on their hips.  It does not matter if you are a professional golfer, high school football player, or a weekend warrior.  Every movement, in every Read more about 5 Movements for Hip Mobility[…]

Start Fast to Win With Nutrition

Nutrition does not have to be complex. You just have to build habits that allow you to be successful. For athletes in our program, both in-facility and online, we push them to hammer their nutrition first thing in the morning. This means that the first 2-3 hours in the day are the most critical. Starting Read more about Start Fast to Win With Nutrition[…]

Early Off-Season Considerations for High School Football Athletes

What Should Your Priority Be Right Now? If you are a football athlete then right now is a critical time in your development. The early off-season is a time where an athlete can close the gap on your competition, build your strength, and align your bodyweight with your goals. As with any comprehensive strength program Read more about Early Off-Season Considerations for High School Football Athletes[…]

Rebuilding Our Athletes

The coaching community is truly shining right now. I believe that coaches are some of the most important pieces in athletes lives at all times, however, there has never been a time where athletes need coaching more than right now. Their lives came to an abrupt stop and they need leadership now more than ever.  Read more about Rebuilding Our Athletes[…]

Are You Willing To Fight For What You Said You Wanted?

We are in trying times… People are scared, kids are confused, and for 100% of us, our plans have come to an abrupt halt.  This is adversity in its purest form and the question that I have asked all my athletes is this:  Now that everything has been stopped are you still willing to fight Read more about Are You Willing To Fight For What You Said You Wanted?[…]

Training Cycle Notes: Prepping to Max Test

One thing that I believe is greatly overlooked in most programs is asking the question “are we actually ready to max test?” This is a real thing. Putting a maximal load on the bar is the most dangerous thing we can do in the weight room. As coaches, we better make certain that our athletes Read more about Training Cycle Notes: Prepping to Max Test[…]

Everyday Drills [EDD’s]

When it comes to training, I think it is absolutely imperative for athletes to have things they complete every day. Especially if your goal is speed development!  We call these drills EDD’s or Every Day Drills.  In our programs, we do some form of an A-March, A-Skip, and A-Run series every single day. If the training focus Read more about Everyday Drills [EDD’s][…]

[Technique Tip] Technical Primer for the Power & Hang Clean

This cycle we have a big focus on working to master the leg drive and catch the position of the power clean. One common issue most of the athletes we work with have is that they lack the technical proficiency to drive the bar vertical and to catch the bar on the body in a Read more about [Technique Tip] Technical Primer for the Power & Hang Clean[…]

[Training Cycle Notes] Winter 2020, Phase 2. Feb. 10-March 6th

This week we are kicking off a new training phase for our Force, Flight, and RISE training programs. As we do with each new training phase, we access what went well in the last cycle and what needs to be done better in this next phase. This feedback allows us to build a program that Read more about [Training Cycle Notes] Winter 2020, Phase 2. Feb. 10-March 6th[…]