Summer Strength – 2017

Summer Strength 2017

The most comprehensive Summer training program for High School Football.

This program is 8 Weeks of Strength, Speed, and Conditioning designed to allow you to hit fall camp in better physical condition then ever before.  Designed by a collegiate strength and conditioning coach this program takes a very progressive approach to developing FAST, EXPLOSIVE, and AGILE athletes.  In addition, the conditioning protocol will push you to a new level of endurance and allow you to show up in shape on day 1 of camp!  

This Program Includes:

  • 32 Strength Training Sessions
  • 16 Speed Development Sessions
  • 16 Conditioning Days
  • Custom Warm-Ups for Each Day
  • Pre-Activity Prep Drills for Speed Training Sessions
  • Unlimited Access to The Author With Questions
  • Video Library With A Demonstration of Every Lift 

During your 8 weeks on this program you will have full access to the me with any questions, modifications or special situations you may have.  

I am a veteran strength coach, I’ve been in the racks coaching athletes for the last 10 years.  When you run my program you will have a training approach that is battle tested and proven within the Big10, PAC 12, and at the High School level.  These programs and progressions work!  In addition, I will be there to support you 100% through the entire 8 weeks and beyond! 

This is a $99 investment what will pay extreme dividends on Friday nights next fall.  

Act now and set yourself up for success in the 2017 season!

“The COWARDS never start.  The WEAK never finish. The STRONG never quit”