November 26, 2016

In Person Training

College Prep – Strength and Conditioning 

Athletes who are serious about playing at the collegiate level require a program that will prepare them for that level of competition.  In order to excel in a collegiate weight room they have to be proficient lifters with the foundation needed to embrace physicality and start fast at the college level.

I offer a number of training programs for athletes from all sports in the Highlands Ranch/Littleton/Parker area.

With every athlete I coach I believe in building a strong base of strength training fundamentals.  I am not going to put a young athlete in a situation where they will be exposed to a movement they are not physically prepared for.  I believe that “The Best Ability Is – AVAILABILITY” and the way I progress my athletes allows them to see long lasting improvements in strength, speed, and agility.

Group Training: Customized training programs completed in a small group setting.  We keep our group small so that we can guarantee our athletes are performing everything with correct form.  In addition, small groups allow every athlete to receive personal coaching and individualized corrective exercises.  Our groups are only for athletes who are dedicated to the program and the other members of the training group.  We create an intense, motivating, and challenging training environment where every athlete can thrive.

Private Coaching: 1-on-1 coaching that is tailor fitted to the athletes individual goals and needs.  This program is designed for anyone that is new to strength training, returning from an injury, or has a specific performance goal.  All sessions are 50-60 minutes and are 100% private and customized to your individual needs and goals.  Click here to purchase 1-on-1 training.

**Please Note: This program is not in place of your schools training program.  It is an expectation that every member of our program still participates in their teams strength and conditioning program.  This program is in addition to what your are doing at you school**

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