November 26, 2016

Training Programs

 Football Specific Training Programs

Every high school athlete and team should have a progressive, comprehensive, and year-round strength and conditioning program.  The unique demands of football athletes must be taken into account and a structured training approach is the only way to reach your physical potential. 

I provide individual athletes, coaches and teams with structured strength and conditioning programs and I work closely with each individual to ensure the program is implemented properly.

Each training program includes…

  • 3-4 Strength Training Days: Depending on the time of year.  In-Season and Off-Season have varied workloads to account for the competitive season.
  • 2 Recovery Workouts: Recovery is the hidden key for all athletes.  Each week will include a minimum of two training sessions completely focused on recovery and injury prevention.
  • Daily Directions:  The goal of the day and the training focus are described each day. This allows each athlete to be 100% clear on the expectation, tempo of training, and specific movements.
  • Full Access to Your Coach: This allows you, or your athletes, to stay on track with their training program.

All of my programs are delivered through the E-Mail and each program is on a customized Xcel sheet.

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