November 26, 2016

Training Programs

 Football Specific Training Programs

Every high school athlete and team should have a progressive, comprehensive, and year-round strength and conditioning program.  The unique demands of football athletes must be taken into account and a structured training approach is the only way to reach your physical potential. 

At we provide individual athletes, coaches and teams with structured strength and conditioning programs and work closely with each individual to ensure the program is implemented properly.

We have two training options you can choose from…

1: Join Our Ongoining Goal Specific Programs

We offer 3 different prgram options depending on the athletes goals

  • Members of these groups have unlimited access to a coach via email or text messaging
  • Cost: $49/month per individual or $99 for an entire team

2: Fully Customized Programming

  • We work closly with you to design a program that is tailorfitted to youe exact needs, equipment available, and goals.
  • You recieve unlimited coaching calls and access to a coach via email or text messageing
  • Cost: Contact us for pricing

Each training program includes…

  • 3-4 Strength Training Days: Depending on the time of year.  In-Season and Off-Season have varied workloads to account for the competitive season.
  • Daily Directions:  The goal of the day and the training focus are described each day. This allows each athlete to be 100% clear on the expectation, tempo of training, and specific movements.
  • Full Access to Your Coach: This allows you, or your athletes, to stay on track with their training program.

All of our programs are delivered through the Teambuildr app with video and directions for every movement.

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